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Salary and Arbitration - 2017

Fri Oct 07, 2016 6:35 am

Not counting free agents (the starting point).

Wright - 20
Grandy - 15
Bruce - 13
Cabrera - 8.25
Lagares - 4.5

56.75 guaranteed.

Duda - Arb 4, raise from 6.725 but didn't play much. Guess 7.6
Reed - Arb 3, raise from 5.3, great year. Guess 6.8
Harvey - Arb 2, raise from 4.3, didn't play much or well, guess 5.2
Familia - Arb 2, raise from 4.1, great yer, guess 6.3
Rene Rivera - Arb 3, raise from 1.7. Guess 2.4
Edgin, Arb 2, raise from 0.67, barely played. 0.75 (unless cut)
deGrom, Arb 1, guess 7.0
Wheeler, Arb 1, 49 starts so far, tough call, I think 2.3
d'Arnaud, Arb 1, lousy year, has yet to play a full season. Guess, 2.1
Wilmer, Arb 1, (I could see them signing him long term), but Arb, 2.9

The other Arb eligible guy is Henderson, I think he gets cut.

So, 10 Arbs, about 44 mil
1 buyout (Niese), 0.5 million.
10 or so remaining roster spots 5-6 million.

Salary estimate right now: about 106-7 million (figure 100-113 range if my arbs are off)

Cespedes, if they can work something out, probably 25-27 first year. (125-140)

I'm still not sure what to do with Walker or how rich the budget will be this year, but there's some room to make a move or two, though I think if they go Cespedes/Walker/Blevins, that might push their spending limit. Maybe they let Walker go if they have faith in Wilmer/Rivera/Jose filling 2B/3B.

I don't think it'll be a gonzo off-season, but I think they'll make a few moves.
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