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Re: The too early, mets top 10 prosects right now thread

Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:05 am

Hot Takes wrote:
MarkJohnson>You wrote:If you’re taking Rosario off SS his career gets a lot tougher to make work. If you do that, it’s not for Luis Guillorme.

That’d be like concluding Diaz can’t be your closer moving forward so you install Tim Peterson in that spot.

Lmao it's nothing like that. Jesus.

Of course it is. Rosario was the number 1 prospect in baseball. You're talking about switching his position for a guy who is a minor league performer with questionable tools and MLB ability for some short term de minimis gain on defense.

If and when there is a viable SS alternative, you can have this discussion. But just like Mickey's "We may have to move Diaz out of the closer's spot" from a week or so ago - for who!? What does that do?

For the record, I was never a Rosario fan as a prospect, absolutely advocated for trading him this winter, and i actually have pumped Guillorme as a decent piece of org depth. But I can't sit here and see a suggestion that we move Rosario off SS and give Guillorme a run as anything more than rearranging deck chairs. The fact that Guillorme isn't a bad AAA player is a good thing, but there are more choices than just "bad in AAA" and "will translate to MLB".

Re: The too early, mets top 10 prosects right now thread

Mon Jul 15, 2019 10:20 am

The analogy is silly. Comparing Rosario to Diaz is silly, as is comparing Guillorme to Peterson. Comparing SSs as a whole to relievers is silly. Diaz was the best closer in baseball as recently as last season and Tim Peterson is like the 10th reliever on the organizational depth chart. It's just an inane analogy.

Rosario formerly being the #1 prospect in baseball is inconsequential at this point. I'm far from a Rosario hater, and I've preached patience in the past, but it's getting tough to view him as a SS at this point. He's bad there. Defense doesn't really require the same learning curve as hitting -- what you see now is likely the best it's going to get.

There's been buzz about him taking balls in the OF and that seems like a real possibility this off-season. I don't want him to move to CF mid-season with no prep (that would likely be a disaster and would be unfair to Rosario), but because it's tough to view Rosario as the long-term SS now, we've got to look at internal options, maybe not for 2019, but for 2020.

I never advocated that Rosario be completely moved off the position so that Guillorme could start full-time there. But we should at least get a feel for what Guillorme can do at this level. That doesn't mean he has to play everyday, but work in a few starts a week for him at different positions. Cano needs days off. Once Frazier is gone maybe move Rosario over to 3B once a week with Guillorme at SS. Guillorme's playing time should be prioritized over Adeiny Hechavarria's, at least.

We might need a bridge next season. It's wise to know what we have.
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