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just because you are a met fan

Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:07 am

does not mean that you have to look, smell, taste, eat or observe the same religeon as another poster.

there is of late so much critique of others i wonder if we are on the same team.

i had the chance to meet some great met fans at the manny rallies and even though we don't look the same or whatever, we all got along and respected eachothers opinions.

i don't get it. i really don't. sometimes the force that an opposing post comes back at you with is unreal.

sometimes the following post is unreal.

i have friends of all colors, religeons, musical taste, sexual orientation and anything else you can think of.

i was not put on earth to judge people! if i was i'd be a god of some sort.

respect other people here!

i saw some stuff over the last few days that really caught my eye and made me sick.

we are met fans. we are on the same team!

Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:21 am

i never was a poisson fan although i played in bands that looked like that. :lol:

i'll post a pic one day. but this lyric that brett michaels wrote was beautiful.
the best song they ever did imo. and now we can laugh as he dows his "rock of love" stuff.
the first line has to do with religeon and it is not meant to offend, but the whole lyric is really brilliant and once again i'm not a fan.

"Well I see him on the TV
Preachin' 'bout the promise lands
He tells me believe in Jesus
Steals the money from my hands

Some say he was a good man
Lord I think he sinned, yeah

Twenty-two years of mental tears
Cries a suicidal Vietnam vet
Who fought a losing war on a foreign shore
To find his country didn't want him back

Their bullets took his best friend in Saigon
Our lawyers took his wife and kids, no regrets
In a time I don't remember
In a war he can't forget

He cried "Forgive me for what I've done there
Cause I never meant the things I did"

And give me something to believe in
If there's a Lord above
And give me something to believe in
Oh, Lord arise

My best friend died a lonely man
In some Palm Springs hotel room
I got the call last Christmas Eve
And they told me the news

I tried all night not to break down and cry
As the tears rolled down my face
I felt so cold and empty
Like a lost soul out of place

And the mirror, mirror on the wall
Sees my smile it fades again


Sometimes I wish to God I didn't know now
The things I didn't know then
Road you gotta take me home


I drive by the homeless sleeping on a cold dark street
Like bodies in an open grave
Underneath the broken old neon sign
That used to read JESUS SAVES

A mile away live the rich folks
And I see how they're living it up
While the poor they eat from hand to mouth
The rich drinkin' from a golden cup

And it just makes me wonder
Why so many lose, and so few win


You take the high road
And I'll take the low road

Yes Sometimes I wish I didn't know now
The things I didn't know then

And give me something to believe in, yeah"

Sat Feb 14, 2009 3:44 pm

Please leave the moderation to the moderators, ua...

Mon Feb 23, 2009 1:03 pm

chinabox wrote:Please leave the moderation to the moderators, ua...

Might I suggest an easy solution? Many forums have an option called "Report Post." It is actually a GREAT tool against flame wars. The community is able to monitor itself and alert mods of something more quickly then had the mods seen the said abuse under normal viewing.
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