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Fantasy Draft Ethics Question
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Author:  Your Icon [ Sat Mar 29, 2008 10:57 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Fantasy Draft Ethics Question

zr1max wrote:
Your Icon wrote:
Now, I recently had a live, manual in person fantasy draft, to which one of the participants asked to just be auto drafted because they were out of the state. I'm wondering if I handled this correctly.

I began by just taking the highest "ranked" player according to Yahoo for their team. Then, to make sure they had all the required positions filled up I just took the highest ranked player who could fill one of their positions. Then I filled their bench in the same way I took their first few players.

Now, my question is, one or two of the players drafted for them I knew to be on the DL or not on the DL but injured. Should I have made a judgement call and given them the next best player or was this the proper, fair way to do it?

1) Couldn't you have just clicked the "autopick" checkbox in the Yahoo draft room?
2) Did you also have a team in the same league that you were drafting? If you did, that's a major conflict of interest.

1) No, it was a manual, in person draft. There's no autopick option when you do it that way.
2) Yes, but like I said I did it purely based on Yahoo's rankings. What would you have suggested?

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