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The forum to discuss all things relating to the Rule IV Draft (aka the June Amateur Draft).
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Re: 2019 Draft!!!

Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:16 pm

Hot Takes wrote:
The Juice wrote:Was there ever an explanation as to why they kept drafting so many $10K bonus seniors after the 10th round? There was really no need to keep doing that and there were certainly more interesting players to be drafted that would have signed for $125K instead of wasting those picks on Kennie Taylor, Dan Goggin, etc.

As fun as only taking high school lotto tickets would be, every system needs org depth. Brooklyn, Columbia, and St. Lucie are gonna need bench players this year and next, too.

Yeah, that's what rounds 20-40 are for. There is still some legitimate talent to be had in the early part of Day 3.

Anyways, I'm not talking about taking "high school lotto tickets", I'm talking about taking college juniors instead of seniors who offer a bit more long-term potential than the org. filler they took--Adam Lukas, Nick Snyder, Michael Wilson, and countless others with more upside than adequately filling a bench role for Columbia.
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