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Rules & TOS. Read Before U Post
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Author:  metswiki [ Sun Jan 07, 2007 9:39 pm ]
Post subject:  Rules & TOS. Read Before U Post

Greetings. 8)

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NYFS is a community and a collaboration and requires the participation of our users. Please visit the NYFS Community Participation Forum for details on the projects we're working on, becoming a writer, photographer, or Mets historian for NYFS.

By posting here, you are agreeing to our Official Rules & User agreement.. Please read and understand them before posting.

As a general rule, this community and the standards we agree to meet by participating here are created by the users. The one overall concept in the rules is to respect everyone. Yourself, each other, the players, the site, and the community. Find a way to maintain that respect at all times.

Please check out the NYFS Community Users Guide for details on how to use the tools on the site to link to players profile pages and add an avatar.

The Moderators and Admins on the site have the words "NYFS Staff" under their user names. If you have a question or need additional clarity, or don't understand what the heck is going on, please take the time to ask a mod/admin for help.

These are the "Official Rules and Guidelines for NYFS Board Users".

Please read them carefully and govern yourself accordingly while participating in the NYFS community. By posting on the NYFS Message Boards, you are acknowledging that you have read these rules and guidelines and have agreed to abide by them.


By posting in any of the forums on the NYFS message boards you are agreeing to the following Articles and Rules that govern the usage of these forums. Failure to live up to follow and abide by the terms as described below may result in your access to these boards being denied. Except for rules, guidelines, and terms that specifically indicate a "Zero Tolerance Policy" you may receive the courtesy of a single warning before any action is taken to restrict your access. An administrator or Moderator may choose to extend the courtesy of additional warnings at their discretion based on intent and/or a given member's previous status as a member in good standing or as a contributor to the site. You are not assured of being given a warning. Your access may be denied at any time at the discretion of the Administrators.

Article 2 - General Behavior Guideline
You must treat this site and it's members with respect. Failing to do so is a bannable offense. Deciding whether or not you are respectful is a decision solely in the hands of the Administrators and Moderators of this board. If you are deemed to be disrespectful you will be banned without recourse. Govern yourself accordingly.

Article 3 - Detriment To The Community Clause
Any member who is deemed to be a "detriment to the community" by a unanimous vote of the Moderators and Administrators can and will be banned without warning or recourse. The definition of "detriment to the community" is at the discretion of the Moderators and Administrators, but may include repeated rule violations, disruption of the community, and/or disregard of repeated requests and private warnings via PMs and/or e-mail.


Respect The Site & It's Members
You may not harass or insult any member, ever. Comment on the content and not the member. Insults and harassment of any type are unacceptable. Apologies are of no consequence. We will enforce a zero tolerance policy in this area.

Conflict Resolution
You may not publicly post a complaint or dissatisfaction with other community members or with the actions of the Administrators or Moderators of these forums within these forums with regard to their decisions in editing, deleting, or moving of a post or a banning. Their decisions are final. Please direct your comments and concerns to an Admin or Mod via PM. If you feel you have been unfairly targeted or that a Moderator or Administrator is attacking you personally with their editing, you may PM the Administrators, or in the case of it being one of the Administrators, you may PM a Moderator. This is the only acceptable way to state your case. We will enforce a zero tolerance policy in this area.

Facts and Fictions
You may not post as fact something that you know to be false within the forums. This does not include posts that are obviously comical or satirical. However, it does include making posts with the intent to deceive the community, or posts that may unintentionally deceive the community. Whether or not something is "obviously comical or satirical" is at the discretion of the Moderators/Administrators. Their judgement in this area is not open to discussion.

You may not use the NYFS forums and message boards as a tool for promoting your own Mets related or unrelated web site, or your business or business interests. Community members may or may not post links to relevant material on the forums in the course of a regular discussion, and you can have a link to your web site in your signature, however you may not post a link to or create new topics for the sole purposes of making NYFS members aware of your unaffiliated web site or business. If you are interested in promoting your site or business to the NYFS community, please email us at advertise@nyfuturestars.com

Language Usage
You may not use inappropriate language. It is not an acceptable alternative to substitute alternate characters or misspellings that allow the meaning of the foul language to be clear without using the actual word. Such implementations will be treated in the same manner as the actual word.

Respecting The Players
You may not insult players. You must treat them with the same courtesy that is expected in the way you treat fellow board members. You are free to discuss their weaknesses or poor play, but you must do so, for example, without converting their name to include the word "suck", and without saying anything you wouldn't say to them or to their mother. This is because many of the players and the players' mothers actually come here. So treat them with the same respect that you would if they were in the room, because more often than not, they are.

Topic Relevance
Please do not initiate or post anything that would be considered off topic. There are specific forums for off topic discussions, general baseball discussions, discussions of other sports. Comments and suggestions. Misclassified posts will be moved to the appropriate forum by the Administrators or the Moderators at their discretion. Repeated failure to adhere to this rule will be considered a breach of your agreement.

Personal Conflicts
You may not use these forums to wage a personal battle to the death or to exchange personal messages with another member. There is a private message feature, use it. If you absolutely feel you must ask another board member to "step outside", do it via e-mail or PM, not on the boards.

Avatar Usage
NYFS promotes the open use of "Avatars" and encourages our users to demonstrate their personality and individuality with creative displays unique to themselves.

We offer the following guidelines when choosing an "Avatar". there is a comprehensive selection of Mets players Avatars in the profile editing tool. Feel free to select an Avatar of your favorite Met from there. Avatars should remain at a width smaller than 200 pixels. NYFS recommends an "ideal" size of 140-180 pixels in width. Please conform to existing community standards and a relatively conservative point of decency. If you're not sure if your selection would be appropriate, it's probably not. And please, no animated avatars.

"Signature" content
The NYFS Message Boards allow you to construct a custom signature file that attaches to all your posts. These "signatures" should be text only and not contain images. Signature files containing images will be deleted by the administrators. The same rules that apply to posting in the forums, applies to the content of your signature file.

Decency Guidelines
All NYFS users are responsible for the content of their posts, avatars, and signatures. All pictures and links should be chosen with the thought that moms, wives, sisters, and children all use NYFS. Please keep all images within the confines of a "PG"/"PG-13" rating. NYFS reserves the right to remove or delete any images or links that the admins or mods consider to be offensive to the community or outside these guidelines. Repeatedly being in violation of these guidelines may result in termination of your accesss to these boards.

You may not ever:

Defame, abuse, harass or threaten others; make any bigoted, hateful or racially offensive statements; advocate or discuss illegal activities; post or distribute any material without a link or that infringes and/or violates any right of a third party; post or distribute any vulgar, obscene, discourteous or indecent language or images; or use the boards to advertise via posting.

NYFS reserves the right to remove or edit content from any Forum at any time and for any reason. NYFS reserves the right to limit, restrict or prevent your ability to access these forums and message boards at any time for any reason.

The decisions of the Administrators are final in all matters of dispute.

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