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NBA draft in 24 hours

Wed Jun 22, 2022 8:14 pm

Blazers made a move, trading a future first & cap space for Jerami Grant. Solid pickup for them, cap space for the Pistons. The picks are nice, (they also swaped 2nds), but also . . . meh. It's really about the cap space.

Knicks with picks 11 and 42 and a boatload of future picks, mostly 2nd rounders and toss ins, but there's enough that they could be active.

Knicks in talks to resign Mitchell Robinson, who makes them a 40 win team or there abouts. I guess it's better than not resigning him. A little.

Knicks need a miracle. A gem to fall to them in the draft. A trade that fits just right, like when they traded for Dave DeBusschere, but that was a different era. Can't do that kind of move now under the cap. Maybe the get lucky with the mid-level exception. It's not impossible, but the Knicks need a lot to go right. It's unlikely. They're probably looking at 30 something wins again next year and another late lottery pick. I'd love to be wrong.

Nets need . . . oh who cares.
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