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Discuss Devils, Rangers, and Islanders as well as the rest of the NHL.
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I'm ready for hockey

Wed Aug 26, 2009 9:50 pm

Anyone else?

Fri Sep 11, 2009 3:33 pm

Well, three weeks until the Penguins raise the Stanley Cup banner against the Rangers.

Here's my 2009-10 regular season predictions:

Eastern Conference

1 Washington Capitals
2 Pittsburgh Penguins
3 Boston Bruins
4 Philadelphia Flyers
5 Carolina Hurricanes
6 New Jersey Devils
7 Montreal Canadiens
8 Buffalo Sabres
9 Florida Panthers
10 Ottawa Senators
11 New York Rangers
12 Toronto Maple Leafs
13 Tampa Bay Lighting
14 Atlanta Thrashers
15 New York Islanders

Western Conference

1 Chicago Blackhawks
2 San Jose Sharks
3 Vancouver Canucks
4 Detroit Red Wings
5 Calgary Flames
6 Anaheim Ducks
7 Edmonton Oilers
8 St. Louis Blues
9 Dallas Stars
10 Los Angeles Kings
11 Columbus Blue Jackets
12 Nashville Predators
13 Minnesota Wild
14 Colorado Avalanche
15 Phoenix Coyotes

Sat Sep 12, 2009 7:38 pm

I'm certainly ready as well, though I have to say I'm currently a tad bit more pumped for football season.

I'll rank the team by best record (not as top 3 are division leaders):

Eastern Conference

1 Pittsburgh Penguins
2 Washington Capitals
3 Boston Bruins
4 New Jersey Devils
5 Carolina Hurricanes
6 Montreal Canadiens
7 Philadelphia Flyers
8 Ottawa Senators
9 New York Rangers
10 Buffalo Sabres
11 Toronto Maple Leafs
12 Florida Panthers
13 Tampa Bay Lighting
14 New York Islanders
15 Atlanta Thrashers

Western Conference

1 Detroit Red Wings
2 Chicago Blackhawks
3 San Jose Sharks
4 Calgary Flames
5 Anaheim Ducks
6 Vancouver Canucks
7 Edmonton Oilers
8 Columbus Blue Jackets
9 Dallas Stars
10 St. Louis Blues
11 Minnesota Wild
12 Nashville Predators
13 Los Angeles Kings
14 Colorado Avalanche
15 Phoenix Coyotes

Re: I'm ready for hockey

Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:48 am

Season not quite over, but I sure missed on a few.

The East was the most predictable division given our predictions sluger. Carolina was the big miss. Gave Boston and Philly too much credit before the season. I had a feeling Boston could have been the team to drop far when I did these predictions though. And I figured if I put Philly 8th they would have won the division so I wanted to respect them for my own good.

Totally missed on Colorado and Phoenix. Wow. I was way off out West. I had the Flames, Ducks, Oilers and Blues as playoff teams. The Oilers! Nothing to say about that.
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